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Angelo del Core, led by a strong passion for techno music, approaches the world of DJing and music production at the tender age of 14 years, beginning in several clubs around his province. and creating “hardstyle”tracks. From there a series of events will see Angelo (time not yet AnGy KoRe), the protagonist of a lot of club’s consoles in Italy! That until the age of 19 years, when his strong desire to try new experiences, led him to embark on the most prestigious cruise ships with a role of DJ.

3 years around the all world give him the way to discover different cultures of worldwide nightlife, musical tastes, new sounds. Everything leads him to an artistic rebirth, a renewal that by way of his eclectic style,that draws an infusion of diverse hard techno, and dark minimal sound. Once back on dry land, Angelo immediately transforms his ideas into music, baptized himself with the name of AnGy KoRe.

AnGy KoRe immediately find many satisfactions finding his tracks in the playlist of djs all over the world (Richie Hawtin, Umek, Dandi & Ugo, Piatto, Ahmet Sendil, Spartaque, Phunk Investigation, Alex Di Stefano, Dyno….). Consistently across the various international minimal and techno charts, AnGy KoRe becomes one of the most active and required italian dj/producer of the world!!!! The particularity of AnGy KoRe,is the massive capacity to produce consistently strong tracks with a rare speed, having always great results!!!! It’s enough to think that AnGy KoRe, in less than 4 years, released moore than 400 tracks, on moore than 100 different record labels,including: ITALO BUSINESS _ 1605 _ AUTIST _ NAKED LUNCH _ NEVERENDING _ N.O.I.A. _ BROOD AUDIO _ GLOBOX _ BOSPHORUS UNDERGROUND _ SKYLINE _ STEREO SEVEN PLUS _ NEUROTRAXX _ CAPSULA _ and many, many more.

He remixed artists like: Dandi & Ugo, Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx, Erphun, Alex Young, Mowree, Ricky Stone, Mark Denken (Autistic), Mario Miranda, Max Bett, Daniele Petronelli, Robin Hirte, Emix & D-Lewis…. and he was remixed by artists like: Dandi & Ugo, Spartaque, Alex Di Stefano, Sasha Carassi, Piatto, Da Fresh, Worakls, Glitter, M.I.D.I., Nudisco, Dema & Paride Saraceni, Milton Channels, Mike Wall, Seismal D., Min&Mal, Emrah Celik, Neuroxyde.

He played like international guest in so many clubs around the world like: “Cadillac”(Gran Canaria,Spain), “Rachdingue”(Spain), “Comics”, “Spacer”, “Phobia”,”Bizarre”, “Plazma”, and 2 times in “Lifehouse” (Bulgaria), “Oxa”,”UG”,”La Coupole”,”Gaskessel”,”Lotus”,”Bienne Factory”and 3 times”Loop38″ (Switzerland), “Art Teather”,”Treibhaus”,”Praterinsel”, “Ampere”, “Tune club”, 2 times in”Halle Luja”, and 2 times in “M-Bia”, (Germany), “Brown Alley” and “Wah Wah” (Australia), “Forsage”,”Astarta”,Slivki”, “Saxon”,”JJ club”,”Club 86″,”Prime”(Ukraine), “Terror club (Lion)”,”La Villa Rouge (Montepellier)”, “Le Batofar”,”Glazzart” (Paris,France), “Iceberg” (Yoroslav,Russia), “ClubA” (San Paolo,Brazil), “Krisha (Almaty)” Kazakistan), “Coronita”, “Pink”, “aClub”, “ club” and “Musix club” (Hungary), “The Mezz Basement” (Dublin,Ireland), “O’Culture” (Glasgow,Scotland), “Distrito club”,”Camorra Club”and “Bar55″(Mexico), “Circus” (Montreal,Canada). He played in big techno rave like: “WDM in Rovno Airport”,and “Trump Night in Kherson” (Ukraine), “Angar21” (Russia)…. and in big Festivals like: “Soul tech Green Edition” (Mexico), “One Nation” (Brazil), “Megaspree parade 2010”, “Ruhr in love 2011”, “Q-base Revolution”in Weeze airport (Germany), “La Nuit Rouge” (France), “Electric City,after Street Parade” (Switzerland)…  To be continued…





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