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T.Linder & DJ Seoul carry the torch lit in the crucible known as the birthplace of Techno: Detroit, MI, USA. With over thirty years of combined DJ experience, these two powerhouse performers have traveled across the globe showcasing their unique blend of Detroit Techno, Electro Bass and Turntablism.

This 4 turntable ensemble performance is an aggressive blend of both new and classic sounds. The DTM 2×4 brings an energy and atmosphere that is rarely seen in the realm of electronic music.


T.Linder and DJ Seoul share a similar upbringing in the world of electronic music. Both lifelong Detroiters, these two formidable DJs gained their underground education by studying the techniques of the versatile street-style DJs of their youth: notably DJs like Jeff Mills, Claude Young, and Gary Chandler. The no-nonsense, all encompassing approach to the craft shaped the formative years of the young DJs, and this aesthetic is still evident in their performances today. Both Seoul and Linder share a great deal of respect for their musical forefathers and display it through a painstaking touring and production schedule both as solo artists and as the DTM 2×4.

The Detroit Techno Militia 2×4 is a combined ensemble performance by these two powerhouse DJs playing on four turntables at the same time. Seoul and Linder are both students of Techno history and share a great love for the tradition of DJing. Their weapons of choice: analog turntables with vinyl records– without the aid of computers or controllers. Listeners can expect to hear an aggressive, edgy blend of music, spanning many genres and eras with a heavy emphasis on homegrown Detroit Techno and Electro Bass. Their energy and expertise directly reflects their passion for the music and their 30+ years of combined professional DJ experience.

After years of paying dues in the North American underground Techno scene, T.Linder and DJ Seoul developed an international following through their rigorous international touring schedule over the past decade. These two have proven their dedication to their sound with multiple European, Australian, Central and North American tours every year.

As soldiers in the Detroit Techno Militia, DJ Seoul and T.Linder have devoted their lives to the preservation and proliferation of Detroit electronic music around the globe. Every DTM 2×4 performance is both a celebration of the rich history and tradition of Detroit Techno as well as the future sound of the movement. When the Detroit Techno Militia 2×4 takes the stage, it is a battle for the soul of the music. This is an immense and important mission that the duo does not take lightly.





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