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Klaudia Gawlas experimented with the guitar and keyboards before she used the first Fruity Loop version to create sounds. A much used mix tape by Jeff Mills fanned the flames at age 13 and led to visiting a lot of raves and parties. That’s how her extraordinary passion for electronic music started and her involvement into electronic music has grown ever since.

During a one-year-stay in the USA, where she also attended courses in Psychology and Radio Broadcasting, she started DJing in a friend’s record store. Creating and transforming music – also in front of an enthusiastic audience – still fascinate Klaudia Gawlas today. Back in Germany with a DJM 600 as a gift from her American friends, it was just a matter of time until two Technics turntables completed her equipment and Klaudia Gawlas’ success story took its course.

Winning a DJ contest in Raveline Magazine she got a gig at Ruhr in Love and this was the beginning of her unstoppable career. By now Klaudia Gawlas has turned her hobby into her job which she does with discipline, a lot of creativity, even more idealism and above all love for music. This attitude has generated a considerable renown and has also taken her to internationally acknowledged events like NATURE ONE and MAYDAY but also beyond the German borders. Especially in her native country Poland she can count on a broad fan base. But no matter if she plays on a big stage or in a small club Klaudia Gawlas always gives her best and that is why fans, organisers and colleagues alike appreciate her work.

Again and again the name Klaudia Gawlas can be found in the top ranks of annual polls. Not only her functional but at the same time emotional sets receive the approval of music critics and fans but also her studio productions find their way into the charts and record cases of her international colleagues. Klaudia Gawlas has already produced and released a number of tracks. Among others she has closely cooperated with Eric Sneo on the successful EP “Playground”. She has released tracks on Night Light Records and Italo Business and for her 12Inch “Szcz” Marco Bailey has contributed a remix.

Moreover Klaudia Gawlas has successfully cooperated with her colleague Eric Sneo more than once. In 2012 they relaunched the renowned label Masters of Disaster, which had been put on hold in 2006. Beside their own productions, tracks of well-known artists will be realeased here.





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