OSCAR BAIA ….. _ _


It all started when by chance, he had to replace the resident dj in a nightclub called Skylab.

The year was 1986 and thus began a career that lasted to date, making him an inevitable presence in the Portuguese dance scene.

As the year of 94 came by, an invitation to join the X-Club Dj Agency allowed him to demonstrate his talents before an ever growing legion of fans. His 3 decks mixing catapulted into Portuguese limelight..

Becoming one of the first Portuguese Djs to embark on an international career, allowed him to play in such distant lands such as Spain in Madrid, La Corunna, Vigo, Barcelona and Ibiza, Frankfurt, Berlin in Germany, Santorini, Capri, Rimini, Roma in Italy, Paris in France, Cape Town, Johannesburg, in South Africa, Canada in Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal,Uk London, Moscow and Dubai.

As a DJ he does not like to draw a line when it comes to his musical preferences, and carefully choose where he is going to be heard rather than playing in all the places he’s invited to. However it is wrong to presume that his sets are only for dance music experts.

Mastering an exquisite dj technic, along with a rather eclectic musical choice throughout his career, allowed him to play the music he likes and at the same time to please a very wide audience, making him one of the most successful resident dj in Lisbon’s top clubs like Trumps, Benzina, Alcantara-Mar, Kings and Queens, Garage, Industria and O2LX, Kremlin.

In the Azores, acting regularly since 1995 and has been considered several times as the ambassador of dance music in that archipelago.

Whether overwhelming a frenzied crowd at an outdoor event or pushing musical boundaries inside a club, Oscar’s love of connecting with a crowd ensures that he keeps his status as a true party icon spreading love and celebrating life with thousands of people that gathered to his gigs, making those nights always so special. Still the best is yet to come and 2008 marks a new adventure for Oscar, as it embarks on a weekly residency at the most famous and his all time favorite Portuguese nightclub… The Kremlin in Lisbon.

Now more than ever, a visit is mandatory and for sure no one will stay indifferent to his sets and wonder what he will come up with next.