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P!PA is the stage name for Filipa Duarte, dj from Lisbon, Portugal.

Grew up on an environment of constant revolution in the electronic music scene. Strong and intense grooves are what attracts her the most, an unconditional techno lover, shows a lot of the sub-genre acid influence. Exquisitely explosive.

Started djing in December, 2011, already performed at a lot of excellent clubs from the south to the north of Portugal like Kremlin (Lx), Op Art (Lx), Music Box Lisboa, Main Zero (Lx), Faktory (Lx), TheWarehouse Club (Lx), The Loft (Lx), Europa (Lx), Benzina After Hours (Lx), K’asa (Lx), Meninos do Rio (Lx), Rubik Club After Hours (lx), Art&Tude (Lx), Fiéis ao Bar do Rio (Lx), Ko-Zee Club (Lx), Caldas Late Night (Caldas da Rainha), Catedral (Guarda), Bergantim Club (Figueira da Foz), Iate Club (Faro), Thai (Vilamoura), Spies Beach Club (Costa da Caparica), Rex Club (Cantanhede), The H-Neo Club (Cartaxo), Villa (Beja), Office (Cartaxo), Halloween Project X (Setúbal), Comix (Torres Novas), Kecanto (Alcobaça), among others.

Shared booth with Joseph Capriati (it), Popof (fr), Spektre (uk), Cari Lekebusch (se), Ida Engberg (se), Klaudia Gawlas (de), Ben Sims (uk), Alex Dolby (it), Ticon (br), Avrosse (uk), X-Side (mex), Mizo (za), Louie Cut (pt), Re:Axis (pt), Stereossauro (pt), Myrah (pt), Pena (pt), Alif (pt), C-Netik (pt), John-E (pt), Kaesar (pt), Nox (pt), João Cruz (pt), Merlo (pt), Lovely Bastards (pt), Ventil Shape (pt), Oscar Baía (pt), Rita Zukt (pt), Fabinii (pt), Spikers (pt), Anna Wild (pt), Sinner (pt), Trouble Makerz (pt), Jimmy (pt), Brain Damage (pt), Midinoize (pt), Cpt. Luvlace (pt), Cardia (pt), Mike Bek (pt), Bitsound (pt), Bangkok Snobiety (pt) and many others.



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