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Thomas Lehninger aka ROOTLESS was born in 1980 in Vienna.

He started playing progressive music in 1999 in a small Club in Oberwart together with Zsuki aka STOCKHAMMER.

Rootless is always hungry to get better, training his skills and different equipment and exploring different styles. Now he is playing a range from Techhouse – Techno – Hardtechno – Hardgroove.

After some releases on different LABELS (Naked Lunch, Focus Records, Platinium Records, Oktant, Anecdote Records, Elmart, Wla, Real Tribe Records) he starts 2012 a new project with his partner Joakim A.

Joakim A. & Rootless stand for straight and funky tribal power. In 2013 they’ve released the album: “WE HAVE DISCO” on Vinyl and Digital. This album reached #1 at the presale charts on ! But this was just the beginning. They want more, so watch out for the future !

Niereich, Torsten Kanzler, Klaudia Gawlas, Christian Varela, dj Murphy, Sven Väth, Luciano, Len Faki, Stefano Noferini, Gabriel le mar, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Gayle San, Pan Pot, Misjah, Solee, A.Paul, Dj Rush, Sasha Carassi, Joel Mull, Magda, Philipp Straub, Felix Kröcher, Pet Duo, Sven Wittekind, Boris S, Amok, Franc Sonic, Ivee, Viper XXl, Dj Misjah, Frank Kvitta, Arkus P, Kaoz, Mike Vinyl, Elektronmike, Eric Fischer, Du Art, Bernd Isaac, Marika Rossa, Angy Kore.

Dom im Berg (Graz); Cave Club (Salzburg); Stereo (Klagenfurt); Bollwerk (Leoben); Tunnel (Wien); Clubschiff (Wien); Kunstcafe (Villach); Maxim (Wien); Massiv (Wien); Postgarage (Graz); Area 51 (Wien); Campus 21 (Wien); All in (Wien); Bojangles (Graz); Sansibar (Wien); Aspendos (Wiener Neustadt); Zoo Club (Wien); Bolero (Leobersdorf); Werft (Korneuburg), Auslage (Wien); Oil Club (Wien); Cembran Keller (Linz); Cultureclub (Timelkam); Stonewall (Linz), Retro (Graz), Loft (Graz), Empire (Bratislava), Rudava Summerbeach Festival (Slovakia), Metastadt (Wien), Camera Club, Pyramide Vösendorf, Halle B – Baden.



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