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Sonico aka R.A.D. aka Sonicore (Techsound, Naked Lunch, Industrial Stregth, Level Trauma, 50hz) Bogotá, Colombia, South América.

If you say the word “Techno” in South America you should have to mention the name of Sonico.

For over 17 years unstoppable promoter, label manager, booker and true soul techno head, has been playing, producing and promoting electronic culture in Colombia/South America through Techsound, an events, bookings and label company (, ) founded in 1999.

A political thinking, open minded tasty music formation, endless marathon turntable journeys on almost all 4/4 techno styles, mixed up with eclectic music production and sensitivity in any techno manifestation have grant him a solid reputation around the globe on several different music scenes. Sonico is in fact one of those guys who been working it out the right way for years and have never corrupted on his serious ideas regarding the techno scene, keeping low profile but high reputation status.

To have played with most of the biggest electronic djs and acts who visited the country, -from Atari Teenage Riot to Infected Mushroom to Sven Vath to The Advent, just to name a few- is no coincidence as you could say Sonico is in fact a Techno icon in Colombia. But is not because of this he made a career for himself, it goes deeper and deeper. He is also an independence (DIY) icon directing the scene in his country to a more social sensitive side as also to a more activist lifestyle that should give inspiration to new generations. He is responsible for bringing more than 150 artists from all around the globe to Colombia and producing more than 500 events in his professional career not only in his country but also South America and even Europe.

3 Projects as an artist he manages to the date: Sonico(Techno/Hardtechno), R.A.D.(Tech house/Downbeat Tech), Sonicore(Hardcore).


-Sonico recently became part of roster as also official booker for Naked Lunch Records.

-Techsound’s label boss just recently became part of legendary Lenny Dee’s Industrial Strength Records.

-Also member of London’s  50 hz  label owned by Jamie Bissmire from the infamous techno couple Space djz.

-Anual resident for Berlin’s underground MIKZ Club.

-Co-manager of REC, Colombian electronic music radio streaming platform (www.radioelectronicacolombiana).

-Organizer for the events/festivals: Bogotrax, Beatcrusher and cooperator for Radikal Styles.

-Supported by Level Trauma Agency and Label in Europe(Germany) along such names in the industry as Lenny Dee, Satronica, Crystal Distorsion, The Horrororist, Satronica, Hanno Hinkelbein, Tymon, Waldhaus and Horrorist among others  (


Sonico thinks of Techno as a musical platform.

He declares:

– ‘Music is an extension of your soul. You reflect it all of it when you play or make music. I live in a special country that i love and feeds me with all the emotional content need to influence my style. I grew up listening to lots of music from punk to industrial to old school salsa to pop and rock…..-In the whole planet we feel this growing movement with not a name yet but where lots refuse to follow the trends…In a few years no one will care if you followed the masses as chart systems are obsolete in this time and the future; no doubt independence lasts more than any fucking chart…

So since there is different styles of music going on within Techsound’s friends worldwide, he decided to start 3 subseries for the label wich are Extra, White and Black series: White Series is focus on experimental, down tempo and minimal music. Black Series is focus on hard vibe beats. Extra Series is more open to techno, electro and all kinds of alternative sounds, right in between.

Sonico been spreading his unique sound and way of playing all around in Colombia, Germany, Spain, CZ Republic, Italy, France, England, U.S.A., and Latin America as the only Colombian artist performing in such important venues as :

Tresor (Berlin) , Mass Club (London) , Fuck Parade (Berlin) , Subkulturalfest (Berlin), Mikz (Berlin), Idroscalo (Rome), Berghain Cantine (Berlin), Tacheles (Berlin), Namek (Madrid) , Sabotage (Berlin), Criminal Camp Nature One (Germany), Tryptique (Paris), Sweatlodge (Tolouse), Breakfest (Prague), D.O.H.T. (Valencia, Spain), Technomachines (Caracas, Venezuela), Tronic Treatment (New York), Biatchcorp (New York), Trilogy (New York), Bogotrax (Bogotá, Colombia) ……..among others.

*Some of the most representative artists Sonico have play with in the past are:

Sven Vath, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, The Advent, Umek, Chris Liebing, Ladytron, Troy Pierce, Stacey Pullen, Infected Mushroom, Octave One, Ellen Allien, Bobby Star, Marco Bailey, Cristian Varela, Deetron, Valentino Kanzyani, Ben Sims, Prozac, Camea, Agent Orange, Takaaki Itoh, Jim Masters, Woody Mcbride aka DJ ESP, Daz Sound, Dave Seaman,  Dave Holland, D.A.V.E. the Drummer aka Henry Cullen, Allan Somerville, Tonio, Tom Hades, Marko Nastic, Joris Voorn, Derek Marin, James Ruskin, Cristal Distorsion, Mhonolink, Oliver Ho, Jamie Bismirre y Ben Long(Space Djz), Tim Xavier, Ade Fenton, Andreas Kramer, Bando, Andre Frauenstein, Daniel Gloomy, Buchecha, Nimitz, Allan Banford, Dj Murphy, Supersilverhese, Tony Rohr, Chris Fortier, Afternoon Coffe Boys, Noloop, Miss Ficel, JAV, Tim Rivers, Felix Krocher, Andrei Morant, Gayle San, Javi Rumi, Krak in Dub, Viper XXL, Matt Madox, Insideout, Hanno Hinkelbein, Herr Schneider, Krischmann n Klingenberg, Psy Funky, Oscar Babani, Destro, Lukas, Hardtrax, O.B.I, Acid Flux, Dean Rodell, Dj Ocram, Adrian Valera, Error, Satronica, Fernanda Martins, Lenny Dee, Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano, Miss Jools, Alex TB, Pet Duo, Sepromatik, O.B.I, Julyukie, Gareth Whitehead, A. Paul, Ambivalent, Unexist, Billy Johnston among others.

Label: If you listened to our label and you think that your music could fit in, please write and send your music to:




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